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The Samadhi Center | Yoga Retreat

The Samadhi Center Fifty minutes northeast of Kandy the fertile landscape becomes a mass of lush vegetation reverberating with unfamiliar birdsong. The human populace too seem a different breed, profligate with smiles and allowing their abundant good sat sung to spill over and cloak the visitor. Go past the triangular ambalama and up the steps where you squeeze past the statue of a giant Hindu goddess - half woman, half horse.

Samadhi weaves its magic on you from the moment you enter through the massive Kandyan doorway set into stone. Suri mama, the soft-spoken guardian of Samadhi and its Manager, is there to greet you. He is also resident artist who is responsible for the murals of Tantric art on the walls.


  • All Local / Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • Massages
  • Yoga Session
  • Ayurvedha Session

Ayurveda -
Ayurvedic healing has for centuries been integral to Sri Lankan culture and healing. Every villager will have access to a wise man or Vedarala who will have remedies for this indigenous treatment handed down the generations through chants, ola leaf manuscripts and secret formulae. For those who come for a holistic approach to the following ailments, consultation with a leading Ayurvedic physician is available at Samadhi.

Inclusions - Ayurvedha

  • Full body massage with steam bath
  • Full body massage with bundle steam
  • Full body massage with Nadhisweda
  • Nawara Kizi
  • Shirodhara
  • Sarwangadhara
  • Shiro tharpana
  • Shiro wasthi
  • Marma relaxation
  • Pizichil
  • Flower bath
  • Medicated oil bath

Kandy -
Some days Kandy’s skies seem perpetually bruised, with stubborn mist clinging to the hills surrounding the city’s beautiful centrepiece lake. Delicate hill-country breezes impel the mist to gently part, revealing colourful houses amid Kandy’s improbable forested halo. In the centre of town, three-wheelers careen around slippery corners, raising a soft spray that threatens the silk saris worn by local women. Here’s a city that looks good even when it’s raining.

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