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Surf & Yoga Mirissa is located in the third bay of Mirissa, which is a quite end of busy Mirissa beach. With just a hop from the beach, you reach a beautiful little third bay meant for snorkelling, sun and sea bathing, or just reading a book under a coconut tree. You can take a beach stroll to the right and reach the main beach which has many restaurants, or do a small hike to the left and reach the hilltop to visit the other beach, the temple or observe the sunset. The are three surf spots in the third bay itself, and on the left, Parrot rock break, and Mirissa beach and point breaks, giving any level of surfer a great choice.

Priyal is the head instructor of the team and he is ISA Level 1 certified. He likes to have great conversations with his guests. Regular footer and prefers left hand point breaks.


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Mirissa -
The oldest practicing Buddhist country in the world. It is recorded that the Lord Buddha had visited the country thrice after the Buddhahood. His sacred relics are enshrined in various Dagabas throughout the country and venerated by Buddhists all over the world. The Buddhism is protected in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Government constitution and more than 70% of the population are Buddhists. Most of the sacred places dates back to pre-Christian era.

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